FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:

The science of beauty

Photography by Donovan Rittenbach
Sculpture by Benjamin T. Smith
Donovan Rittenbach
Artist Party Saturday March 14th, 6 to 9pm
Show runs February 23rd, through April 4th 2015

Two fearless artists explore the natural world through dreams, sacred geometry, magic and monsters.

Donovan Rittenbach, M.A. - Photographer

Donavan is a beekeeper, magician and amateur scientist. He will reveal the world of honeybees like you have never seen them before, through a microscope. His intimate portraits of these invaluable insect allies will fill you with awe and wonder. His photographic studies of flowers will reveal the mathematical secret of beauty found in flowers, that fills our lives in magical and mysterious ways  donovanrittenbach.com

Benjamin T. Smith - Sculptor
Benjamin T SmithSince the beginning I was pursued by monsters in my dreams. Until one night I stopped short and said, “If you’re going to run behind me, follow me, don’t chase me!” Since then they have been my subjects. 
   There’s the friendly monster story. Alternately, there is the horror of the momentum of our current trajectory.  My art is a static representation of hallucination. My favorite piece is a painting by Brueghel, the Blind Leading the Blind.  
   When you see a face in a grain of wood where is that coming from?
I’m sure we have all also seen other things that are even harder to explain. Anyway I do, everyday, in every little piece of junk around me. Incessantly, they call out to be saved. -Benjamin T. Smith   benjamintsmith.wordpress.com

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