FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:


Art by Ange McLane


Art Opening Karaoke Party Friday August 26th, 6 to 9pm

Show runs through September 17Th, 2016

an instance of breaking or splitting as a result of internal pressure or puncturing; an explosion
inspiration: Magic Realism
baseline: the mundane
uniting factor: explosive color

Ange McLane


Born in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and an American father, Ange spent her early adulthood in Texas, and relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006. She started photographing a myriad of subjects when she was eight years old, and has been painting, drawing, and writing poetry and short stories ever since. Ange studied Liberal Arts at the University of Saint Thomas, Human Resources Management at Rice University, Fine Art Photography at the MFAH Glassell School of Art, and Digital Photo-Montage as well as Experimental Film at the San Francisco Art Institute. She has participated in multiple photo exhibits, and directed short film projects. Ange is currently collaborating with Dimitri Moore in multiple short film projects and a web docuseries. Ange’s mission in life is to remain incorrigibly curious and never stop expanding her knowledge base, to encourage and inspire others to be the best version of themselves, and to promote compassion, kindness, and understanding in order to create a better world. casiopeanin.tumblr.com, instagram.com/casiopeanin

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FLOAT Floatation Center - Art Gallery exhibits local cutting edge art from the East Bay, Oakland and San Francisco Bay area. We focus on contemporary art. Painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, neon and plasma sculpture, graffiti, environmental art, ethnic art, furnature, metal work, jewelry, kinetic and robotic art.