FLOAT Gallery is proud to present:

Parallel Universe

Paintings, illustrations and sculpture of Karl Hauser & Scot Maupin

Karl Hauser art Scot Maupin artwork

Artist Party Saturday April 25th, 6 to 9pm

Show runs April 6th, through May 30th 2015

Artists Karl Hauser & Scot Maupin work crosses the line into a parallel universe, that is, if a line exists at all.
Karl Hauser

In my drawing, I'm interested in seeing how characters can portray emotional reality. Years ago, a visitor to a curated show featuring my work wrote a comment in the guest book recommending that I see a psychiatrist.  While therapy can be very useful, it doesn't offer as direct a relationship to the ineffable.  Most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing, or where, the drawing will lead. I enjoy the process of mark making, the unknowable and uncertain outcome. In parallel with that investigation, I enjoy ongoing experimentation with the formal dimension of art making.  ArchitectureofAgony.com

Scot Maupin

Scot Maupin is a Bay Area Artist. This series of pieces were all done with colored pens he fell in love with while living in Japan. As the son of an elementary art teacher, Scot has always found doodling on anything and everything to be useful for both filling his time, and emptying his mind.
These pieces are mostly 'stream-of-consciousness' drawings. Faces, nearby objects, and underwater creatures seem to find their way into the work more often than not, but Scot is never sure where the picture is going until he finishes. Reversing the usual order, the colors are chosen first, then the line dictates what shape is being drawn, and that in turn determines what object it could become. Drawing this way in ink makes him commit to the line, and look always forward in the process, not backward to erase or correct. Once Scot can see the shape in the cloud, he adds detail so that others will see it too.   smaupin.com

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